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If you’ve been hurt at work, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. At Schmittinger & Rodriguez, we understand the challenges and frustrations that come with filing a claim and trying to get the financial assistance you deserve. Our experienced Newark attorneys are here to provide your case with the attention it deserves while fighting for your rights.

We understand that these types of cases can be emotionally and physically draining. That’s why we’ll provide you with the compassion and empathy needed during this difficult time. We also understand the importance of communication, so our team will always keep you informed and updated on the progress of your case.

Our Newark workers’ compensation lawyers have significant experience assisting clients in obtaining the benefits they need. We’ll make sure your claim is filed properly and efficiently while fighting to get you every penny that’s owed to you.

If you’ve been hurt in a workplace accident, don’t hesitate to contact Schmittinger & Rodriguez for assistance. Our team of experienced attorneys will fight for your rights and help you understand your legal options throughout the entire workers’ compensation process. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation and let us handle the rest.

Workers' Compensation Benefits For Injured Delaware Employees

In Delaware, workers’ comp benefits are available to individuals who were hurt while in the course of their employment. These benefits can include lost wages and medical bills for your injury or illness, regardless of whether it was caused by an accident at work or developed over time due to workplace conditions. Benefits may include:

  • Medical expenses: the cost of medical treatment, as well as related prescriptions and travel expenses

  • Temporary partial or total disability: a portion of your lost wages while you are unable to work due to your injury

  • Permanent impairment benefits: if you cannot return to your job, permanent impairment benefits may be available

  • Vocational rehabilitation services: assistance with finding alternative employment after an injury

  • Death benefits: a benefit may be available if the injured worker dies due to their workplace accident

The process of obtaining these benefits is often complex and lengthy. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced Delaware workers’ compensation lawyer on your side to help you navigate the system and ensure your claim is handled properly.

At Schmittinger & Rodriguez, we understand the process and will do everything we can to expedite the process of obtaining benefits for work injury victims in Delaware. We’ll advocate on your behalf from start to finish and work hard to maximize the amount of benefits you are entitled to.

Types of Workplace Accidents

Workplace injuries can happen in a variety of ways, including:

  • Slip and fall accident

  • Automobile accident

  • Repetitive stress injuries

  • Exposure to hazardous materials or chemicals

  • Exposure to loud noises or vibrations

  • Equipment malfunctions or failures

Regardless of the cause of your workplace injury, you may be entitled to workers’ comp benefits. Contact Schmittinger & Rodriguez today to learn more about your legal options and how we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Common Workplace Injuries

Common workplace injuries covered by Delaware workers’ compensation include:

  • Broken bones

  • Loss of limb or amputation

  • Back and neck injuries

  • Repetitive strain injuries (RSI)

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Head trauma or traumatic brain injuries

  • Exposure to hazardous materials or chemicals such as asbestos, benzene, and other toxins

  • Burns

  • Vision or hearing loss

If you have suffered from any of these types of injuries, contact Schmittinger & Rodriguez for help. Our legal team will review your case and explain all the options available to you. We’ll then provide aggressive representation throughout every step of the process.

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Brian Jenkins
Mr Catts went above and beyond to handle my complicated case. The level of professionalism is second to none. The staff and Mr. Catts were kind, courteous, and listened to my concerns with compassion. I would recomend this firm to anyone needing legal help. They earned my trust in am amazing way.
Linda Wilson
Mr Catts and his legal team went above and beyond for me. They never stopped pursuing all avenues to get the compensation that I deserved. The staff was courteous and showed compassion. I felt like they really cared about my injuries. I highly recommend their services to anyone
Tatiana Sida-Amor
I was recommended to this law office by my doctor after my car accident in the summer of 2021. I ended up working with Mr. Catts. I appreciate how forthcoming and hardworking he was about my case. The office is extremely professional to ensure that I got the best settlement that I could get. The open communication eased my mind and allowed me to handle things I needed to for myself. Definitely recommend them if you want lawyers that give you results.
Kathyjo Mays
I recommend them highly and have referred them to many of my friends and family. Very informative and def kept me up to date about my case. Schmittinger & Rodriguez def worked very hard for me.
Mary Zober
The staff is friendly and makes you feel comfortable. The firm worked on getting my settlement and kept me informed every step of the way.
Sharonda goode
Great experience! Doug Catts, Ryan and Ms. Kaye are awesome to work with. Very professional, friendly & knowledgeable. They are expensive. But get the job done & in a timely manner. I use Mr. Catts for all my legal needs.
Hot Box237
I will recommend this lawyer to any one, I feel like crying. He is kind, patient and a good listener. He solved your problem and at the end advice you. Thank you very much.
Cheryl Rowe
Doug is personable...assertive and he will get the job done!
Patsy Ware
Schmittinger and Rodriquez attorney Doug Catts is the best, I highly recommend him. As an attorney he is forthright, honest, transparent and sincere. Doug Catts and his staff are amazing.

Why Schmittinger & Rodriguez
Is Right For You

At Schmittinger & Rodriguez, we understand the challenges and complexities of obtaining workers’ compensation benefits. Our lawyers have more than 60 years of combined legal experience handling these types of cases. We believe in providing our clients with the highest quality representation possible and will put our extensive knowledge to work for you.

We’ll fight aggressively on your behalf to make sure you receive every penny that is due to you. We’ll also provide compassionate support and understanding throughout the entire process, so you can rest assured knowing your case is in good hands.

Contact us today for a free consultation and let our team handle the rest. Our goal is to get you the workers’ comp benefits that are rightfully yours in a timely manner, so don’t hesitate to take the first step and contact Schmittinger & Rodriguez. We look forward to hearing from you.

How an Experienced Workers' Compensation Attorney Can Help

At Schmittinger & Rodriguez, our team of experienced Newark workers’ compensation attorneys will provide you with the support and guidance needed throughout the entire process. We’ll help ensure your claim is filed correctly and properly completed in a timely manner. We’ll also make sure that all paperwork is submitted on time and that any deadlines are met.

We know that filing a workers’ compensation claim can be foreign and overwhelming. That’s why our attorneys are available to answer any questions you may have about the process or your rights as an injured worker. We’ll make sure you understand every step of the process and keep you updated on the progress of your case.

If necessary, we can also represent you in court if needed. Our team of experienced Delaware workers’ compensation lawyers in Newark, DE will fight to get you the maximum amount of benefits available. We’ll investigate your case and make sure that all evidence is properly obtained, presented, and argued on your behalf.

If you or a loved one have been hurt on the job, don’t hesitate to contact Schmittinger & Rodriguez for help. Our team will provide the support and legal guidance you need during this difficult time. We’ll work hard to make sure you obtain the workers’ comp benefits that you deserve. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I was at fault for my injuries, can I still file a workers' comp claim?

Yes, even if you were at fault for your injuries, you may still be eligible to file a workers' compensation claim in Delaware. The only scenario where you would not be able to make a workers' comp claim is if the injury was caused by your own intentional or reckless behavior.

How much does a workers' comp lawyer cost?

At Schmittinger & Rodriguez, our workers' compensation lawyers work on a contingency-fee basis meaning you don't have to pay anything upfront and only owe legal fees if we successfully resolve your case.

How long can I receive my workers' compensation benefits for?

The length of time you can receive workers' comp benefits will depend on the severity and nature of your injury. Generally speaking, it can range from a few weeks to several years or longer depending on your individual case.

Who is eligible for filing a workers' compensation claim?

If you have been injured or become ill due to your work, regardless of who is at fault for the accident or illness, you may be eligible to file a workers' compensation claim in Delaware.

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