Common Workplace Injuries for Sales Workers in Middletown, Delaware

Though largely a thankless job, sales workers play a critical role in keeping our society and economy running. It is a common misconception that sales jobs are easy and that this work is something anyone can do. In reality, sales work is incredibly technical, requiring many different skills. Sales work in Middletown, DE can also provide a large number of hazards and risks that can lead to serious workplace injuries.

Employers are required to have a workers’ compensation insurance policy under Delaware law, but these employers and insurance companies do not make the collection process easy. They will almost always fight to pay the littlest amount possible, undervaluing your injuries, attributing your injury to non-work-related causes, or even arguing that the injury is a pre-existing condition. That’s why you need a tenacious Middletown worker’s compensation attorney to fight so you can see the full extent of the benefits to which you are entitled.

Proudly serving clients across Delaware, the skilled workers’ compensation team at Schmittinger & Rodriguez has helped tens of thousands of clients like you, backed by 62 years of combined experience. We are ready to start fighting for you. 

1. Slips and Falls

The most common workplace injury in just about every field can be attributed to slipping, tripping, or falling, and sales jobs in Middletown are no exception. These accidents can occur anywhere from the office to client meetings to sales pitches. Salespeople are often required to carry equipment such as a laptop, marketing equipment, and sales products, making it hard to catch themselves when these slips and falls occur.

2. Repetitive Stress Injuries

Sales workers in Middletown spend a lot of time behind a desk typing and making calls, which can lead to repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and neck and back injuries. 

3. Car Accidents

Middletown employees working in sales frequently need to use their vehicles or company vehicles to travel to meetings, visit clients, and market the goods they are selling. They frequently have to drive to new and unfamiliar places. Because of this, salespeople have an increased risk of getting into car accidents, which can lead to very serious injuries. 

4. Stress and Burnout

Sales workers experience immense pressure to meet deadlines and sales targets, especially when they are paid on or offered bonuses on commission. Because of this, employees in the sales industries are more prone to stress and burnout, which can take a toll on the worker’s physical and mental health.

Your Middletown Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you or a loved one have suffered an injury on the job in Middletown, trust the experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at Schmittinger & Rodriguez to help you see the workers’ compensation benefits you’re rightfully do. We won’t let employers or insurance companies diminish your pain. With 62 years of combined experience and 45,000 clients served (and counting), our team is well-prepared to start fighting for you today. Contact us for a free consultation.

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